AI for Education: An automated grading system for Leaving Certificate exams

At Gemmo, we are excited to introduce WiseSalmon, our revolutionary algorithm that utilises machine learning to automatically evaluate students’ answers in practice Leaving Certificate Biology examinations. We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the way exams are graded, eventually automating the grading process for every subject.

Addressing Challenges in Teaching and Grading

Teaching is a noble profession, but it comes with its challenges. A recent survey conducted by the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation revealed that nine out of ten teachers are experiencing severe burnout due to increased workloads over the past five years. Teachers often find themselves overwhelmed by paperwork, which hampers their productivity in the actual classrooms.

WiseSalmon was born to improve the lives of our treasured teachers. The app aims to automate the grading process and provide timely feedback to students using machine learning and artificial intelligence. By simplifying teachers’ workflow, WiseSalmon enables educators to dedicate more time to teaching and creating meaningful learning experiences for their students.

With WiseSalmon, students receive not only numerical grades but also valuable feedback on their work. This feedback empowers students to engage in self-assessment, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and enhance their learning outcomes. Moreover, educators can simplify their workflow by leveraging WiseSalmon’s automated grading system, allowing them to focus more on providing quality education and less on labour-intensive grading.

Collaboration and Piloting for Optimal Performance

Siobhan Ryan, the visionary founder of WiseSalmon, is eager to bring the Gemmo-built API to the market and collaborate with schools to pilot the technology. As a participant in the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme with DCU/DKIT, Siobhan is committed to driving innovation in education.

“We’re hoping that the education community in Ireland will truly embrace WiseSalmon. Our goal is to add value to teachers’ lives by reducing the burden of labour-intensive grading and enabling them to capture more comprehensive data about their students. Students will benefit from enhanced feedback and improved learning outcomes,” shares Siobhan Ryan.

Dr. Luca Marchesotti, CEO of Gemmo AI, emphasises the importance of widespread piloting for the algorithm’s accuracy and effectiveness. He explains, “The more WiseSalmon is adopted and used, the better its algorithm becomes. To ensure its optimal performance, we need willing participants. Once WiseSalmon is exposed to a larger dataset, it can truly grow and evolve.”

In light of this, Siobhan Ryan calls upon educators nationwide to try out WiseSalmon and share it with their students. She understands that concerns about AI transforming the nature of teaching and learning exist among teachers. However, Siobhan aims to reassure them that AI is a tool that simplifies their jobs and helps students become more independent in their learning journey. While the AI algorithm may occasionally make mistakes, continuous feedback and input from educators and students will significantly improve its accuracy over time.

Advancing AI in Education

Gemmo is committed to building useful solutions like WiseSalmon and advancing the use of machine learning in education and in Ireland as a whole. The demand for effective AI solutions is rapidly growing, not only in education but across various domains. By leveraging the power of good AI, Gemmo aims to effect positive change and make people’s lives easier.


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