Quality Control

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Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

  • Objectives
  • Current Problems
  • AI Intervention

The key to success in manufacturing across fields revolves around the meeting of the three main objectives. Failure to do so, results in decreased efficiency.


  1. Enhance Product Quality & Reduce Risks
  2. Gain Production Efficiencies
  3. Garner Customer Loyalty


Current Problems

Poor quality control results in significant operational and financial costs. From, reduced yield, increased work in process inventory, warranty claims, and repairs.

Samples of Problems:

  1. Manual inspection is subject to operator perception and experience, which impacts consistency.
  2. Traditional inspection machinery needs to be programmed, is not flexible, and cannot adapt to product changes.
  3. Existing machine vision-based inspection can only detect a handful of defects at a time.
AI Intervention

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to innovation. From mass production, to lean manufacturing, six sigma and, more recently, to enterprise resource planning.

Samples of AI Interventions:

  1. Reduced cognitive load for operators.
  2. No programming required: adapts to product changes.
  3. Detect hundreds of areas of interests on a product in seconds.

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