AI in Cybersecurity

Use Cases:

  • Risk Score Potential Vulnerabilities
  • Threat Detection for Remote Workforce
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Case Management
Risk Score Potential Vulnerabilities

An algorithm that can score potential vulnerabilities, and in so doing dictate where the human workforce should focus on.

Benefits of an AI Solution:

  1. Save Time
  2. More Efficient
Threat Detection for Remote Workforce


For remote workforce, threats can creep into the company from multiple sources, proving hard for human employees to keep track.

Benefits of an AI Solution:

  1. Robust Security System
  2.  Easy to Track Security
Security is at the Heart of Succesful Companies
Early Detection of Security Issues Saves Money & Time
Secured Data Equals Secured Business
Compliance Analysis

A skilled analyst can complete compliance analyses, but at scale, AI can provide value through a more efficient, and faster system.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Depending on analyst firm employed, an AI solution can reduce the cost significantly.
  2. An AI solution is an investment that is sustainable – no need to employ an analyst every time compliance analysis needs to be performed. 
Case Management

If you open a new case and want to follow up on said case, AI algorithms can simplify, speed up, and provide an easier route.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. AI can provide an efficient & reliable tracking system.
  2. Accurate & comprehensive information at all times and at each stage of the case.

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