Our Machine Learning models,
on the cloud or at the edge

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Video Analysis APIs
recognise events in video streams (e.g. Sport actions, Media Genre)

Sound Analysis APIs

Tags audio clips with more than 500 categories (e.g. voice, animal, sound of things,
vehicle, etc.)

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Embedded Machine Learning

Deploy at the edge with the
Gemmo toolkit

In certain applications where cloud solutions are not an option, we offer a comprehensive collection
of tools and resource to deploy Machine Learning directly into your sensors.

Particle Classification

Tyre Anomaly Detection

gemmo toolkit features

Inside The Gemmo Toolkit

Feature Extraction

Quickly extract high-performance descriptions for
your data using our premade modules.

Model Training and Optimisation

Achieve supreme accuracy with highly scalable
scripts modules.


Use your models straight away with our fully
isolated code templates.


Why use deployment-ready

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate tasks and processes, improving productivity and

Data Insights

Analyse large amounts of data to extract valuable insights for
informed decision-making.

Improved Accuracy

AI can perform complex tasks with high accuracy and
consistency, reducing errors and minimizing risks.

Cost Savings

AI can optimize resource allocation and minimize waste,
resulting in cost savings for businesses.


AI for Noise Measurement

As we move through the world, we’re surrounded by a symphony of sounds that provide vital clues about our environment. Our brains process these sounds,

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