AI for Cloud & Digital Transformation

Use Cases:

  • Group-wise Incident Analysis & Prediction
  • Smart Provisioning
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
Group-wise Incident Analysis & Prediction

This solution provides compositional analysis. It predicts the number of incidents pertaining to each group. The insights around incident distribution helps in proper capacity planning, resulting in efficient resource utilization.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Efficient Resource Use
  2. Better Prediction Capacity
Smart Provisioning

A set of tools and algorithms that can automatically switch on or off different machines depending on the user’s usage patterns. If someone is not being used, the AI will learn to turn it off at relevant times.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Delivery great customer experience.
  2. Optimize cost
The Ability to Analyse Previous Events Leads to Better Future Predictions.
Cloud Powered Smart Provisioning Gives Back Time & Money.
Prevention is Better than Cure - Make Sure Your Anomaly Detection is On Point
Root-cause Analysis

AI for forensic analysis, can help an analyst understand the specifics of a certain event, after it has occurred. Such aid in comprehension results in more informed decisions.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Reap more and data-based lessons from previous projects.
  2. Saves time
Anomaly Detection

An AI algorithm can detect if something is off in the system, providing early detection, which is crucial for upkeep and prevention of system disasters.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Increased Reliability
  2. Stay Ahead of Competition

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