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In the case of the city of Finance, our team can be found at the heart of the city — where we are exposed to the creativity, diversity, and endless ambition inherent to London. 🇬🇧

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  1. +44 020 3966 5693
  2. 20 Air St, London W1B 5AN, United Kingdom
Heart of the City

The British capital is one of the world’s global cities, with its strong influence into the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, and finance to name a few industries. 💸

Discover City Fun Facts:


  1. Londoners love Pubs so much, they named Five Underground Stations after them.
  2. Big Ben isn’t called Big Ben — according to its real name, it ain’t even a man. But a woman: Elizabeth Tower.

Our company is supported by Wayra UK, the largest global Open Innovation Hub, run by entrepreneurs. Founded in 2011, Wayra is Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub with presence in 10 countries. 🚀


  1. Telefónica provides unprecedented access to business development opportunities with some of the world’s largest companies.
  2. It has 346 million accesses around the world, which are all accessible to Wayra’s start-ups.

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