Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement has always been crucial in the world of sports. Big Sport has taken advantage of this through advanced monitoring and insight for their fans. But amateur sport media content is still largely unexploited. Despite the great potential, due to the lack of infrastructure, funding, and tools. Artificial Intelligence can change this!

Automatic Highlights

The best moments of the game, delivered seamlessly! Your audience wants to see the most engaging instances of a match, as soon as they happen! Deliver them short clips summarizing the most stunning, key performances of a match.

  • No manual editing required
  • Brand the highlights with automatic intro / outro
  • Highly customized solution

Virtual Cameras

Your virtual camera man always on the spot! Create engaging videos without the need of a film crew sent to the location of the event. Computer Vision and Machine Learning combined with panoramic cameras can solve the painful problem of live event filming.

  • Accurate results
  • Smooth videos
  • Plug-and-play solution

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