Clean Tech

How is AI applied in Clean Tech?

  • Turbine Monitoring
  • Vertical Farming Management
  • Pest Detection
Turbines monitoring

Description of the problem:
Weather conditions and unpredictable events can damage turbines efficiency, eroding their airfoils and affecting their productivity.

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Maximize the energy production and limit maintenance costs
  2. Generalize to different turbine types and weather condition
Vertical farming management

Description of the problem:
Guaranteeing high productivity, without compromise on yield quality is a key issue in highly automated vertical farms

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Maximise crop yield
  2. Improve quality with data-driven insights
Pest detection - Agritech

Description of the problem:
Manual pest-detection at scale requires extensive labour power and accuracy of detection can vary significantly.

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Early detection of plant infections
  2. Detailed alerts and reporting services

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