How is AI applied in Finance?

  • Forecasting
  • Lead Scoring
  • Client Segmentation

Description of the problem:
Predict key sales and marketing performance indicators and assess sensitivity through scenario-based analysis.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Highly Accurate Forecasting
  2. Short and Long-term Forecasts
  3. Extract Deep Insights with Segmentation
Lead Scoring

Description of the problem:
Automatically determine the Customer Lifetime Value of newly qualified leads.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Holistic view on leads : Demographic, Psychographic, and Transactional data are taken into account
  2. Scores can be “explained” by the machine learning model
  3. Highly Accurate
Client Segmentation

Description of the problem:
Given your business objective, identify the most valuable cohort of low-churn clients.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Focus sales operations on high-value, low-churn clients
  2. Update the model and get segmentations aligned with  current business objectives
  3. Flesh out each segment with rich attributes describing your clients

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