Computer Vision: The Next Frontier of Sport Tech

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sport Tech

  • Performance & Analytics
  • Fan Engagement
  • E-Sports
Performance & Analytics

Description of the problem:
Assessing performance on the field of any sport in real time is a tedious and long process. Turnover does not allow teams to harvest insights and data straight after a match. Moreover, the management of the data pipeline can be cumbersome and complicated.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Provide a better learning, measuring, and communication pipeline for all. stakeholders via automated system.
  2. Automatically detect, categorize and create a database of analysis for sports matches.
Fan Engagement

Description of the problem:
Engaging with fans in a social media buzzed world can be daunting. The audience wants to be have access to the best moments of the game right away, to feature them on their socials, save them for reference, and do so with ease.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Derive real-time insights and information.
  2. Unbiased machine-generated reports ready for analysis.

Description of the problem:
Ensuring quality camera tracking and zoom is needed to capture important moments and movements in each game. This need for many skilled camera operators and expensive equipment is usurped by virtual cameras that can autonomously track and zoom. 

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. More camera angles gives analysts more shots to work with
  2. System is designed to mimic the movement of human operators, ensuring natural and professional shots 
  3. Reduce personnel needed to film matches

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