AI and Esports

AI's role in the Esports Revolution

  • Game Analytics
  • Automatic Highlights
  • Live Event Detection
Automatic Clips and AI

Description of the problem:
Hours are spent sifting through game footage in order to find, clip and annotate match events. A human simply cannot compete with the speed, cost and execution of AI powered clip creation that produces clips ready for you to filter, analyze and share in an instance.

Benefits of a Machine Learning solution:

  1. Substantially decreases time spent for clip creation
  2. Automatically detect, categorize and create an easily shareable video gallery
Game Analysis and AI

Description of the problem:
With the proliferation of all types of esports related data, esports analytics is becoming increasingly too complex and time consuming. In order to keep up with the competition while at the same time ensuring valuable insights are not overlooked, AI in esports is the only solution.

Using the information extracted from the game we can suggest the best strategies against specific opponents.

Benefits of a Machine Learning solution:

  1. Derive real-time insights and information
  2. Unbiased machine-generated reports ready for analysis
Event Detection and AI

Description of the problem:
In esports, the identifying and tagging events can be difficult as things can move very fast. Having an autonomous system that identifies, tracks and records live events opens up a myriad of analytics and marketing avenues such as triggered milestone events and big data AI analytics.

Benefits of a Machine Learning solution:

  1. Reduce personnel needed to edit and observe games.
  2. Ensure events are accounted for quickly and without human error

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