Sport Performance Analytics

Using Computer Vision & Machine Learning for Performance Analytics in Sports is useful to many different stakeholders. The problems that arise from traditional tracking of sport like manual processing, insight harvesting, and time lag is easily addressable via artificial intelligence.

Insights Generation

Drill down into the root cause of the problem with granular data insights. Computer Vision and Machine learning gives you access to a rich set of attributes calculated for every instant of the game. From possession, to gait analysis to players position, you will be able to harvest every hidden detail to generate actionable insights.

  • Novel insights
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Real-time statistics

Video Data Labelling

Faster, cheaper, cleaner labels for your data analysis. No more waiting. No more long and tedious video annotation done manually. Computer vision speeds up your video coding with automatic event detection and players tracking.

  • Faster turnover
  • High-quality results
  • Scalable solution

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