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    What You Get

    Ai Clinic report

    Goals, Objectives, Obstacles and desires finally spelled out. After the clinic you will get a summary of these main points in one pager that is very sucsint but very rich in content (check out this sample report)

    Ai Readiness score

    Prioritise your AI projects by understanding your company’s ability and readiness to embrace AI to create business value. 

    Free trial

    Understand how AI can be plugged into your business processes straight away. Your organisation will be granted a free trial of our Computer Vision and Machine Learning APIs after the clinic.

    About Us

    We are a team of Ph.D. level Engineers and Researchers in Machine Learning. Our Dna is rooted in academia and our team is hyper-focused on the power of innovation. We have the network support of dozens of leading academics & researchers behind us. Research & Development shapes our thinking.



    The clinic will last 25 minutes. If more time is required, a second follow-up meeting will be organised.

    Typically we encourage the main stakeholders to participate and to bring in the clinic members of their technical team.

    You will receive all the material related to your clinic (including the Clinic Report, the AI readiness level). A second follow-up clinic might be required to deep-dive in a particular aspect of your project that requires attention. For instance, we might perform together a data due diligence, an assessment of your internal processes.

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