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A one size fits all approach won’t cut it - meet Hybrid AI

Most AI companies offer machine learning and deep learning system solutions based on one technical ability, as they’re only able to work with one type of raw data — like numbers, video, or audio. At Sparkd.AI, we do things differently because we know that a limited solution isn’t a solution at all.

Hybrid AI is the only guarantee for impact

Reduce deployment time & costs

Easier, less expensive maintenance

Interpretability of results

Meet Machine Learning-as-a-Service:

Your Ticket to the Future.

We offer bespoke AI solutions, deep learning and machine learning, built around your systems, problems, & goals! Whether you’ve already pinpointed what’s slowing your business down, have an under performing AI solution, or are yet to explore the power of AI. 

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Your Challenges:
You are not taking advantage of data with hidden/untapped value for your business

Data due diligence
Use cases discovery and prioritisation
Technical feasibility
Machine learning pipeline design

Duration: 2 – 4 months


Your Challenges:
You have an unsolved technical challenge hindering your competitiveness

Algorithm design
Algorithm Benchmarking
Algorithm Optimization

Duration: 4 – 6 months


Your Challenges: underperforming solution slowing down
your business growth

Algorithm Optimization
Hybrid workflow design
Workflow maintenance

Duration: 2 – 6 months

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