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Gemmo Team

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Meet Sparkd – the AI Solution for forward thinking businesses.

Who we are?

Who we are?
A bit about us… We’re a group of Machine Learning and Computer Vision specialists and Ph. D. level specialists. We began our excursion with Machine learning systems over 20 years prior in Academia and afterwards in the corporate examination.

We started our journey in Dublin, our group is worldwide with Engineers and Technology AI partners from all around Europe. While our DNA remains established in the scholarly community, our group is hyper-centered around the force of inventive arrangements. Exploration and Development shape our reasoning and we hold the organizational backing of many driving scholastics and experts.

We realize AI deep learning is an unpredictable ability that requires particular consideration. It’s anything but in every case right and it’s rarely full. That implies that one tool, or one methodology, can’t in any way, shape or form serve the necessities of each extraordinary issue. Also, that implies that those organizations aren’t getting the solution they need.
Our emphasis is on these remarkably troublesome issues that can’t be tackled with a one-size-fits all methodology. As such, we work in an ill-defined situation. Through the space of subtlety, complexities, and individualized help how would we do it? A bespoke answer that guarantees a fit for reason is our research in AI.

What do we do? 

We provide AI solutions to businesses that have innovation at the core of their business model. Our solutions have three distinctive features : 

1. Bespoke 

We realize the issues aren’t high contrast and don’t view them accordingly. This is particularly obvious with Machine Learning systems, a profoundly perplexing field that requires specific abilities.

Consequently, we guarantee a broad understanding of your particular use case, a forecast of restrictions for the solution, and the cautious execution of your displaying methodology.

2. Explainable

The principle behind explainable Machine Learning is simple. Explaining AI, means understanding what the AI is doing with your data. Knowing this means you can control your solution, and when you understand it you can trust it!

Organizations using off-the-shelf solutions are forced to rely on what is essentially a black box without understanding the logic behind it’s decision-making. Not only does this risk reputational damage when things go wrong and you can’t explain the decision, it creates a lack of understanding over full business processes.

This is why the Sparkd AI solution is one which prioritizes transparency and communication to help clients fully understand their bespoke solutions. Ultimately, we believe the only way to use Deep Learning is to explain why it gives you a certain answer.

3. End-to-end 

When it comes to end-to-end solutions. Our solutions ensure your AI project is covered right up until deployment. AI algorithms at the end of the day are just math, and developing actionable pilots from this requires specific expertise in a phase known as productionising.

To achieve this our team consists of both AI specialized modern software engineers and big data experts. Your result is an isolated, dockerised, micro-service which can continuously perform even when it is  handling tonnes of data.

Why we do it ? ..AI Democratization is now!

The AI market has seen incredible growth over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing up any time soon. In fact, leading market research Tech Navio predicts a $76.44bn growth in the market by the year 2025.

Recent developments in technology have facilitated the democratization of AI which has reduced the barriers to entry in deploying AI in businesses. Well known companies leading the AI revolution such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer off-the-shelf AI solutions which are sold at scale, a key factor in reducing the barrier of access to AI for companies. 

The result? Now any business, regardless of training and experience, can access and implement these off-the-shelf Deep Learning tools without much trouble at all. There are companies and consulting firms all over the world hoping to capitalize on the newfound interest in — and shift to — AI.

This AI revolution is of immense excitement! However using AI to fulfil business needs remains a complex solution as each organization presents its own unique challenges. The AI at scale approach from off-the-shelf solutions presents unique business challenges, which is where we come in!

How we do it ? The sparkd solution

1. Proven R&D workflow

Through years of AI R&D we refined a well oiled workflow that starts with your business problems and brings you high value-add solutions. Our steps consist of an assessment, design & deployment stage. 

2. Iterative & Agile approach to de risk your investment

We work around your problem in an interactive by-weekly sprint cycle to ensure clients can tweak and adjust the solution as necessary. This way company’s can extract all possible value from the framework while we work on highly challenging, highly specific problems, and build out solutions tailored to unique businesses.

3. A team built around your problem

Typically when a project starts we select the most suitable ML / Software engineers with experience in your problems and data. A Senior team leader is guiding engineers and software experts through our proven R&D workflow while keeping you the client updated. 

Final thoughts

Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves! If you’ve read this far and are intrigued by what we do we’d love for you to do the same. Simply book in a free AI clinic and introduce yourself and your business problem to our team of Machine Learning experts.

Or if you’re not on the market for an AI solution but simply mad about the world of AI like us, be sure to keep up to date by following us on Linkedin & Twitter, or subscribe to our AI newsletter. We create and compile the latest research, news and developments in the world of AI for you and share it across our platforms.

Thanks for listening,

The Sparkd Team 

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