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Your first Draft is 90% of the work. We take you there in minutes.

Writing the Perfect Grant Proposal is Hard. AI Makes it Easy

Customised for EU Proposals

SpeedDraft provides ready-made templates for EIT, EIC, and HORIZON proposals. Users can quickly create drafts using these templates, making the writing process much faster.

Uses Your Data for Accurate Proposals

SpeedDraft is built using the latest RAG technology. It pulls information from your data and uses advanced AI to create precise and tailored proposals.

Your Data Stays Yours

Security is at the core of SpeedDraft. Built using the latest generation of privacy-preserving LLMs, you dont have to move your data from your cloud.

90% faster than manual proposal writing

SpeedDraft generates your first draft in minutes. Shave off 90% of time spent on the hard part of proposal writing.

SpeedDraft Works Where You Do

Connect SpeedDraft directly in Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Huge productivity gain minus the labour cost

Minimise the heavy-lifting required to write a proposal to reduce your labour cost significantly.

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SpeedDraft Is Trained On Your Data

  • Gather essential information such as target audience details, proposal objectives, and unique selling points from various sources, including pitch decks, URLs, PDFs, emails, transcripts, and voice recordings.

  • Upload these files to SpeedDraft to train the LLM on your winning data. Your data is your secret sauce and always remains yours, securely stored in your cloud with privacy-preserving LLMs.

Customise Your Perfect Grant Template

  • Choose from preloaded templates for complex drafts like EIC Accelerator and EU Horizon grants, keeping all sections organised in one place. 

  • Infuse your unique expertise into key sections, seamlessly integrating it with your already uploaded data.

SpeedDraft Writes Your First Draft

  • Retrieve Relevant Information: The AI retrieves relevant pieces of information from your uploaded data, such as specific details about your project’s objectives, unique selling points, and other critical elements.

  • Contextualise and Generate Text: Using a large language model (LLM), the AI combines the retrieved information with its own knowledge to generate coherent, contextually relevant text for your grant proposal. The LLM is capable of understanding and generating human-like text, ensuring the draft is well-written and persuasive.

Polish Your Proposal

The proof is in the polishing.

The bulk of the work is now done, allowing you to focus on fine-tuning the details. 

  • Single-Section Rewriting: Easily rewrite specific sections with the help of the AI assistant.
  • Interactive Q&A: Ask SpeedDraft’s chatbot questions about selected text or anything in the draft. 

Win Grants With More Time To Focus On What Counts

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