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AI Consulting

Gemmo streamlines AI integration ensuring that each step from readiness evaluation and use cases identification to feasibility assessment is precise and value-driven, laying the groundwork for successful AI deployment

AI R&D Outsourcing

We craft custom solutions tailored to specific business needs, developing end-to-end pipelines for seamless data flow, creating bespoke algorithms for unique challenges, and managing cloud deployments for scalability and accessibility.

AI Operations

We ensure the longevity and success of AI model with steadfast post-deployment support, routine model maintenance, efficient troubleshooting, and continuous optimisation for peak performance.

We Build Custom AI Solutions

Computer vision powered by deep learning help you gain valuable insights from images and videos.

  • Object detection and tracking
  • Image similarity searching
  • Person pose and gaze estimation

what makes us different?

you own the IP

We sell exclusive licenses, so that our clients fully own the technology. You pay a once-off fee, instead of an ongoing payment.

you Get Results in 2 Weeks

You will receive measurable results within 2 weeks of starting your AI project.

Your Team Learn AI

Our PhD level engineers not only deploy AI but transfer AI know-how to teams, in order to maintain and nourish AI systems in-house.

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