AI for Finance

With AI, financial institutions increase profits, manage risk, and generate “stickiness” with their customers.

AI for Finance

AI Applications in Finance

  • Churn Prediction

AI accurately identifies at-risk customers, enabling effective, targeted retention strategies to enhance loyalty and reduce turnover.

  • Customer Service

AI-powered chatbots using natural language processing technology can answer customer queries in real-time, enhancing banking experiences by providing 24/7 support.

why use AI in Finance?

Savings with AI for finance


$30M / year is saved by retaining top Financial Advisors

Trading algorithm

ultra fast trading algorithms

High-frequency trading (HFT) strategies rely on extremely fast execution times. AI can massively minimise execution time.

Protecting against money laundering with AI

Anti Money laundering

Implement advanced machine learning algorithms for real-time data analysis, and reduce false positives by identifying suspicious patterns more accurately.

AI in Finance Projects

Don’t just prepare for the future,
Shape it with AI.

Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus