The Gemmo Manifesto

Our work and our values are one and the same

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At Gemmo, we stand for:


We believe AI works for people, not against them.
Therefore, we don’t work with businesses that provide products or services that harm people.


We believe AI is a powerful tool in creating a sustainable future for our society.
Whether by relieving factory employers from potentially dangerous tasks, to helping farmers fight the effects of climate change, we create solutions that improve people’s lives.


We offer an honest, straight forward service. Gemmo AI have transparent processes which you can trust and rely on.

Research and Development

We foster academic and professional research, and encourage the innate curiosity of our colleagues.
Technology is constantly developing. We’re always open to doing things differently, and adapting our knowledge to suit the latest advances in order to achieve the best for our clients.


We build long-lasting relationships with like-minded people.          With our colleagues and clients, we believe that only through collaboration can our projects – and ourselves – truly succeed.

AI for a Better World

Gemmo AI believes in the power of AI to create positive social impact. We are committed to developing AI solutions that address critical societal challenges and promote beneficial change.

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Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus