Computer Vision

Automate complex processes that require high-level understanding of an environment and interacting object.

Sound Analysis

Activity Recognition

Identify particular activities or occurrences by studying audio recordings. Use machine learning techniques to extract and categorise key elements from these signals.

Event Tagging

Utilise AI algorithms to recognise, classify, and annotate various sounds for simpler retrieval and analysis. Pinpoint and label certain sound occurrences within an audio stream.

Anomaly Detection

Identify strange or unexpected noises in an audio stream by using complex algorithms to detect deviations from normal sound patterns, which could indicate possible problems or deviations.

Video Recognition

Event Detection

From break-ins or accident, to equipment malfunctions in manufacturing, video event detection is a powerful technology that is becoming ubiquitous in complex environments 

Object Tracking

Using computer vision, moving objects in video streams can be precisely tracked. It assists in comprehending how people move and behave throughout time.

Activity Recognition

Recognise and categorise the human activities seen in a video.This application is critical in interactive contexts where user actions determine system response.

Image Analysis​

Object Detection

Identify and locate objects within visuals. Advanced algorithms provide real-time detection and high precision, benefiting surveillance for security enhancement and retail for inventory and customer behaviour analysis

Image Labelling

Assign appropriate tags or categories to an image depending on its content. For computer vision models to detect and comprehend various aspects in pictures, this procedure is crucial.

3D Reconstruction

Utilising 2D pictures, create 3D models. More precision and detail are now possible with improved algorithms, which have a big influence on media, Industry 4.0, and healthcare.

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