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Monitoring APIs

Our Sound Analysis APIs offer advanced technology that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to better understand and interpret sound.  


Our system can easily identify audio events, assess noise impact and detect anomalies. With just an audio file or stream from a microphone, our API analyses sound with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our AI understands sounds like you do, offering endless possibilities for sound analysis. 

‘We needed to work with an AI expert that understands deep technical knowledge.’

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Your All-in-one sound analysis tool



Automatically assign descriptive labels acoustic events with more than 500 categories (e.g. voice, animal, vehicle).



Identify specific events of interest in an audio recording. With our API you can flag specific sounds or patterns.


Aggregate similar audio events. Automatically group together similar audio events based on their acoustic features.

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Pre-Trained Models

Model Zoo

Our Model Zoo is a curated collection of pre-trained machine learning models optimised for a wide range of tasks and domains.



Laser-precise tagging of sounds across the spectrum of environmental sounds (sounds of things, human, nature).

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Differentiate and match relevant sounds like blasting and sawing and decontaminate irrelevant background noises.

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Detect mechanical parts as noise sources. Identify anomalous sounds coming from mechanical parts.

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Monitor crowd noises, busy indoor facilities and ensure ideal noise levels.

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Get alerted when a flight takes off, wheels screech and engines fire up with our aviation model zoo.

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Detect heavy duty vehicles, traffic events and noise pollution with our pre-trained traffic model.

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Using AI for Sound Analysis

Save time, maximise productivity

Focus on what truly matters, while our technology handles the tedious audio analysis.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Finding the right noise event involves hours spent in manual “de-contamination” of sound files.

Rock solid decisions

Streamline decision-making with data-driven confidence: Leverage robust insights from extensive sample sizes.


Copilot API for Audio Analysis with AI

What is Audio Analysis? Audio analysis is the process of breaking down an audio signal into its individual components in order to better understand its characteristics. This can include identifying individual sounds, categorising patterns, and analysing the frequency and amplitude of the signal. Audio analysis is a critical tool in many fields, including environmental monitoring, speech recognition, and noise consultancy.

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Dynamic waves illustrating noise and sound recognition and measurement

AI for Noise Measurement

AI identifies different noise types through automated noise source identification. Understanding the exact source of unwanted noise helps us to mitigate it

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A new noise API for sound classification in building sites

Noise pollution monitoring devices manufacturer Sonitus Systems partnered with Gemmo to design a noise API for sound classification, which automatically recognises and labels sounds. Noise levels on construction sites represent a concern for health, safety, and environmental pollution. If you manage a construction site, you must be aware of the noise level regulations. You also must comply with these regulations

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Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus