Business Process Automation

Use Cases:

  • Timeline Tracking & Prediction
  • Automatic Task Allocation
  • Automated Issue Tracking
  • Anomaly Detection
Timeline Tracking & Prediction

Software developers in Business are able to make better predictions through the use of AI algorithms by evaluating past performance.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. More Accurate Predictions
  2. Less Time Consumption
Automatic Task Allocation

An AI algorithm can help with task allocation, crucial for small and big teams alike. The algorithm can take into account previous work done by employees, specific qualifications, and time availability, allowing for better task allocation.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Better Results via Improved Task to Employee Matching
  2. Improved HR Department
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Automated Issue Tracking

Today, this task has been fully automated by AI. It allows businesses to track issues as they arise, are addressed, and eventually, resolved.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Better Liability Detection
  2. Improved Documentation
Anomaly Detection

An AI algorithm can detect if something is off in the system, providing early detection, which is crucial for upkeep and prevention of system disasters.

Benefits of an AI solution:

  1. Increased Reliability
  2. Stay Ahead of Competition

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