1. Software Engineer: Focuses on designing and building entire software systems, with extensive knowledge of programming languages, unrelated to machine learning in principle.
  2. Frontend Developer: Specializes in the visual and interactive elements of websites or web apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, generally unrelated to machine learning.
  3. Backend Developer: Concentrates on server-side application aspects, handling database interactions and core functionalities, typically unrelated to machine learning.
  4. Full-stack Developer: Merges frontend and backend development roles, capable of building both client and server software, usually unrelated to machine learning.
  5. Data Analyst: Partners with the business side, using data for studies or predictions, less tech-oriented and more related to machine learning.
  6. Data Engineer: Manages data infrastructure for effective machine learning, focusing on data storage, processing, and preparation.
  7. Data Scientist: Role varies by company, involves advanced analytics and machine learning for insights and predictions, sometimes misused as a job title.
  8. DevOps: Manages cloud services, infrastructure, and workflows for application deployment and maintenance, generally unrelated to machine learning.
Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus