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With Deep Learning, sensors get better over time

Achieving Pinpoint Accuracy with AI-Driven Data Analysis

The engineer is checking the solar cell photovoltaic power station system on rooftop.

Artificial Intelligence is changing how we monitor our environment.

While sensors can reveal a certain amount about environmental conditions and their impact on our health and well being, AI – and in particular Deep Learning – increases the accuracy of sensors over time.

Change how you maintain and manage your sensors

More accurate, more valuable. For you and the planet

When it comes to health and safety, your data can never be too  accurate. Our Deep Learning solutions have a proven track record in optimising environmental monitoring.

Noise And Audio

Speed-up decision making with automated noise-source classification. Benchmark environmental noise policies.
  • Audio labelling
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Trend-analysis

Hydrology & Air Quality

Reduce maintenance costs. Increase robustness of air quality sensors in high-humidity conditions.
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Measurement in harsh conditions


Early warnings of natural events. Risks analysis using high-resolution image.
  • Decision support
  • Risk assessment

Deep learning for Machinery Manufacturing


Data Quality

Increase accuracy of sensors in
the toughest conditions.


Reduce sensors downtime and minimise maintenance cost.

Actionable Insights

Enable your clients to take fast, data-driven decisions.


Dynamic waves illustrating noise and sound recognition and measurement

AI for Noise Measurement

As we move through the world, we’re surrounded by a symphony of sounds that provide vital clues about our environment. Our brains process these sounds,

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Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus