What is the use of Periodic Table of Deep Learning?

The periodic table of Deep Learning Elements is a tool designed to support R&D managers, product Managers, Product Owners, Data Scientists and Software Developers. Whether you are starting your first Deep Learning project or have several under your belt, the chances are that you still have many unanswered questions. What library shall I use? Where am I going to deploy? What is the best algorithm? Our tool is designed to answer the questions that will help organise your machine learning project – check it out here for a closer look.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Download

Download the tool and look at the 8 main areas of a deep machine learning project.

Step 2: Learn more

Check out how the tool is organized and why it may be of use in our Periodic table of deep learning elements guide here.

Step 3: AI Ready Periodic Table of Deep Learning

Start your machine learning project using the tool or use our Periodic table step by step guide to help navigate the best practice on using the tool.

Step 4: Get Started

Once you’re confident on using the tool, coordinate with your team on how you will use it in your project or get in touch with us and discuss your project in a Free AI Clinic.

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