August Newsletter: Free AI masterclass in Dublin

Free AI Masterclass🎓

Master the basics of machine learning and create AI use cases that deliver

📅  Date: September 13th

⏰  Time: 12:00 – 12:45

🏢  PlaceSpaces, Dublin South Docklands

Led by AI expert and Gemmo AI founder, Dr. Luca Marchesotti, this unique training event is designed to equip your leadership team with practical AI knowledge that drives results.

🧠 Understand AI: Introduction to machine learning.

🔧 AI Solutions: Learn to implement tangible AI use cases.

📈 Demos: Experience practical AI techniques hands-on

Special Offer Alert 🎉 The first 10 sign-ups enjoy FREE access (€60 for those after)


Gemmo News

The Million Dollar Problems💰

Every day at Gemmo AI, the team delve into less glamorous, yet critical (and profitable) issues solvable through AI – our “Million-Dollar Problems”.

To share these solutions, we’ve started a blog series where we share case studies on these problems with our million-dollar AI solution 💰

The hope here is that people will realise the potential of AI in solving expensive bottlenecks that might not be glamorous but have a place in the world of AI.

A berry bountiful dataset🍓

If you haven’t heard already, Gemmo is part of FEROX– a project aiming to help forest workers locate berries and optimise their operations.

The FEROX team came together late last month to collect the vital data needed. We utilised advanced photographic techniques, including drones and GoPros, to gather a diverse dataset of berry locations. This data, enriched with IoT devices like heart rate monitors and GNSS trackers, aims to harness AI’s power to guide pickers efficiently.

We were able to gather thousands revolutionise berry picking with computer vision, heatmaps, and a potential picker application..

AI Winners vs Losers 


Who’s winning and losing in AI this month?🏆

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Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus