July Newsletter: You’re invited to lunch with Gemmo

Machine Learning at Lunch 🍞  

Tech breakdowns (even for non techies)

Sometimes, we do lunch a little differently here at Gemmo. After some needed nourishment, we come together for a knowledge-sharing session.

Reading through loads of papers can be a real time sink – Machine Learning at lunch is the place where we dig into cool papers and topics that are relevant to our work, breaking them down for the team (and you guys).

Each episode is a quick 15-minute blast, packed with a paper presentation, highlights of the latest technical advances, and discussions about the potential applications and challenges

In this most recent episode, we take a look at “BEATs.”- A groundbreaking framework optimises an acoustic tokeniser and audio SSL model through iterative training – BEATs achieves state-of-the-art results in audio classification benchmarks, surpassing previous models.

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Gemmo News

We’ve got a new Machine Learning engineer

Meet Alessio Franchi👇


Alessio is a last-year Ph.D. student in theoretical physics at Pisa University, specialising in critical phenomena in statistical and quantum systems. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Pisa, his background is rooted in physics and theoretical physics.

Fascinated by the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Alessio joined Gemmo AI. He saw it as an opportunity to leverage his skills and grow in a dynamic environment. His primary focus is supporting the Gemmo team in our work with the FEROX project, while simultaneously nurturing his own proficiencies as an AI engineer.

Alessio’s interest spans computer vision, NLP, and traditional ML tools. He appreciates the versatility of AI, allowing him to approach problems from different angles and ML strategies.

His unique blend of theoretical physics and AI expertise brings a fresh perspective to the Gemmo AI team and we look forward to his contributions at the intersection of physics and artificial intelligence.

AI Winners vs Losers 

Who’s winning and losing in AI this month?🏆


🔥AI startup secures huge first-round funding 
🔥Google’s AI doctor is being tested in hospitals 
🔥Start ups and SMEs can benefit from personalised LLMS 


🔴 Competition heats up for ChatGPT

🔴 Stable Diffusion founder under fire 

🔴Twitter users face paywalls


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