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The Sparkd Team

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What is this for?

Usually used for ad technology, the lumascape is a series of charts that organize the chaos of product and service offerings into more digestible groupings by company. It’s for manufacturing companies looking to weigh up their options when considering if adopting AI technologies is a good choice, and if so what are the options out there and who is offering each option.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Download

Download the lumascape for free (if you haven’t already) right here.

Step2: Window shop

Check out the different categories of solutions on offer.

Step 3: Get Started

Contact the organizations that may fit your need fulfilments (unsure? check step 4).


Step 4: Learn More

Explore our AI in Manufacturing lumascape guide here to discover what each category entails in more detail and the common use cases.

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