May Newsletter: We built a Zoo

That’s right, we’ve built a zoo. Not the kind with elephants and monkeys, but one that can track their sounds. We’re launching a model zoo as one of the features of our new sound API that can detect and identify different sounds using AI.

Our API can identify, measure and report different sounds across multiple industries. From aviation and traffic to nature and animal sounds- we’ve collected data sets from all walks of life to address a key problem: The time-consuming process of manually analysing large volumes of audio data. Right now, audio analysis is a tedious process that leaves a lot of room for error. Our API offers a more reliable and accurate way of analysing sound that eliminates background noise and detects key events.

Our system offers a seamless way of identifying the content of any audio file or stream from a microphone. You can easily get insights on what is happening in the audio by simply sending it to our system.

Gemmo News

We’ve got a new Machine Learning Engineer 

Meet Edoardo Morucci, the latest brain to join the Gemmo team.

Edoardo holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Università di Pisa and has a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering on the horizon.

Edoardo was drawn to Gemmo when a colleague introduced him to our portfolio of projects. He was particularly excited about our work in computer vision and AI for analysing audio tracks to automatically label sounds Edoardo will play a major role in our sound API development and in the European project FEROX, analysing images from drones to identify areas of interest for cultivation.

Edoardo’s areas of expertise lie in AI, specifically in computer vision and NLP. He has worked extensively on several university projects in these fields and is excited to continue building his experience at Gemmo AI.

When it comes to AI tools, Edoardo’s favourite is Tensorflow – an open-source framework developed by Google researchers for running machine learning, deep learning, and other statistical and predictive analytics workloads.

We are thrilled to have Edoardo join our team and look forward to seeing the innovative solutions he will help us develop in the future!

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Gemmo's noise classification case study with Sonitus